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Jiffy Lube Directions and Service Purchase Requirements

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If you are not sure of any thing on this procedure, ask.

Driving Directions: Jiffy Lube is located in the 76 Gas Station at the corner of Sepulveda & Manchester about half mile north of LAX. Tel: 310-641-4195

  Purchase Procedure: They have special discounted price for limousine companies. Our vehicle's oil change histories and our paid price histories are in their computer. Be careful not to pay more, even once, as they will charge us our highest previously paid price in future.

Drive up to the entrance of the bays. They will direct to which bay they want your vehicle at. At the bay, Read the odometer and write it down on some paper to take it with you inside.  Turn off engine.  Remove the previous oil change tag from the windshield.  Open doors lock and open trunk. Get out the vehicle. Lift trunk door up. Ask for regular oil change. Know the Town Car oil capacity is five quarts.  If they tell you the price at the bay, tell them we have a limousine company account. 

With regular oil change, they vacuum inside of the vehicles and inside of the trunk if its door is open. They clean all windows. Ask them to please vacuum the trunk also. Remember to open trunk door wide open before the bay.

During the oil change, they will make recommendations as to change filters, belts, etc. Do not authorize any other work but the regular oil change. Instead, tell them to list their recommendations on the bill/statement for review and approval by the Orange County Limousine.

When waiting in the waiting room enter data in to your on your smart phone. While waiting add 3000 miles to the odometer noted down. This new number must be seen on the new sticker that they will later put on the windshield.

Their price for regular oil change for Town Car for us is $30.53 and $32.65 for SUV and $35 for our 14 passenger van. Tell them our price if they ask for a higher price and ask them to lower their price. Call the office if they resist to lower the price to our price.

Before driving away, check to see that they have put a NEW OIL CHANGE STICKER on the front windshield. New sticker should show the next new oil change mileage you calculated. CHECK THE MILEAGE number ON THE STICKER. Make sure it is the correct next oil change mileage number. The next oil change mileage number on the sticker should read 3,000 above what the odometer is now showings. Do not drive away with wrong mileage tag.

If you need to go to another location, go to EZ Lube.  Continue on Sepulveda Blvd. northbound for about one mile.  You will see the EZ Lube on your left side at the corner of Jefferson Blvd.  Its entrance is on Sepulveda while its exit is on Jefferson.  EZ lube will be about 20% more expensive than the Jiffy lube, mainly because Limousine Orange County does not get the discount at EZ Lube.

Fill-out the Limousine Orange County oil Change form. Give it to the office with your bill/statement. Receive payment.

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