Airport Service: Please note that rates from cities to LAX are lower than rates from LAX to the same cities. Higher rates from LAX cover airport services like tracking flight arrival times, adjusting the pick-up times to the actual flight arrival times, airport parking fees, airport ticket fees, wait for luggage and other airport services.

Airport Curb Pick-ups: We meet our LAX arriving passengers at three optional locations. The most popular meeting location is the curb. Please add $15 for airport services from curb. Please click Here to Find out About Other Meeting Locations. Please click here to find out more about Curb Pick-ups

Gratuity: On the average, each transfer take about three hours of drivers time to go and return. Because they put in such long time, we guarantee our drivers of gratuity. We recommend the gratuity amount at the time of reservation, usually 15%. With customers agreement, we add the gratuity to the rates at reservation time.

PUC Tax & Gas Surcharge: 10% are added to the following rates for PUC tax and gas surcharge.

LAX Parking: For LAX pick-ups, please add $5.00, for parking and airport ticket, as we pay to LAX.

Toll Roads: Passengers are expected to pay the tolls as they may come up at the toll collection places.

All rates shown are for sedan Lincoln Town Cars. They are the rates from different cities to LAX and not from LAX to the cities.

For pick-up & drop-offs by stretch limousines, etc., please add Upgrade Fees.

For rates for other airports or, to and from, other cities, please Contact Us.

For extra services (if applicable), please see List of Extra Charges.

For LAX meeting location for private planes please Click Here.

For our hourly (charter) rates and our vehicles list, please click Hourly Rates.

For rates not published on this website, please call toll free, (888) LAX-4-LESS or sent email to:

Please see List of Extra Charges for other extra services. For rates we have not published, please call toll free, (888) 544-4222 or sent an email to

Other charges and conditions may apply. They are explained at the end of this table. To see other possible charges and conditions please Click Here.

If necessary, we reserve the right to make changes to the rates without listing them here.